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Sustainability & ethics

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Our trailer

Our Revival retro style trailer is built to last in the UK, definitely reusable and at the end of its life almost totally recyclable!  It has sheep’s wool insulation, energy efficient LED lighting and natural ventilation (yep the door and a rooflight – old school) with no additional heating needed, even in the chilly months due to the huggable Fracino coffee machine – also made in the UK.

Our power

Our energy-efficient appliances use gas and electricity and we run an LPG generator where mains power is not provided on site. We are investigating the potential to use solar PVs as an additional, or alternative, power source in the longer term. Our home-based office and workshop is an eco-extension, our water is solar heated in the summer and we are Ecotricity customers.  As a mobile operation fuel is an unavoidable cost to the business and the environment. We use a diesel vehicle to pull the trailer, maintained to ensure fuel efficiency, and are hopeful for a more sustainable alternative in the longer term (if only biodiesel could be made from bindweed...).

Our food and drink 

We use local suppliers wherever possible – our creamy, non-homogenised milk comes from Bruton Dairy, traceable to the farm.  Our cakes and bakes are made locally and we are very lucky to have Lievito’s artisan bakers just down the road supplying our delicious pastries and huge breakfast buns.  We always have a non-dairy alternative, and can offer gluten-free and sugar-free cake options at most events.

Coffee bags

Our teas are supplied by Birchall, a family company who support community projects across West Africa and the Virunga national park in Rwanda, and are Fairtrade and/or Rainforest Alliance certified.   We also stock the full range of green, decaffeinated and herbal teas and infusions.

Our coffee beans are roasted by Mozzo in Southampton, who are ‘committed to creating a positive impact all the way through the coffee chain’ and directly support a coffee cooperative in the Democratic Republic of Congo through their Community2Community Fund (with Twin Trading). We always grind fresh – decaff available.

Our waste

We sort our waste, recycling and composting as much as possible (mucky but strangely satisfying). Disposable coffee cups are a hot, but complicated, topic - we source our coffee cups from Biopac, using compostable cups (lined with plant starch, not plastic) where we can actually get them composted, or sustainably produced paper cups where this is currently not possible i.e. where we are based.  So we choose our cups according to the recycling facilities available where we are trading. All our sip through lids are compostable, and are always optional. Re-usable cups are not feasible when we are in a field for a day or two with a stream of one off customers, but we are sourcing a reusable travel mug for sale from the trailer in 2017.  

tea display crop

Our napkins and cup holders are made from recycled material, our spoons from plant starch, and our stirrers from sustainable wood – to be resused as firelighters in the  winter.  And we don’t print till receipts - we use cloud based point of sale (where we can get 3G), contactless and mobile payments. We are continually looking at ways to reduce/re-use/recycle – next spring Karin will be planting herbs and chilli plants in our empty coffee bags using our own coffee-based compost.  And Rob is upcycling bike parts - photo holders available soon!

With backgrounds in social and environmental work we are committed to Xpressofix being as sustainable, ethical and feel-good as possible.


We aim to provide a high quality service at all events for the benefit of organisers and customers. We are happy to discuss the options for partnership working with charities and not-for-profit organisations for mutual benefit. We can also help you support green travel initiatives by providing cycle support services,  workshops and consultancy.